De Quoc Dai Viet/Dai Viet Teikoku/Great Viet Empire





Head of State

Emperor Duy Tan (1954-1981), Emperor Bao Vang (of all Indochina from 1981)

Ruling Party

Dai Viet Nam Quang Phuc Hoi/Great Viet Nam Restoration League (merged into the Dong Duong Quoc Dan Dang/Indochinese Nationalist Party, 1981)

Head of Government

Prince Cuong De (1948-1951), Son Ngoc Thanh (from 1951)


French Protectorate of Tonkin occupied by Japan 1941, with the permission of France. For several years the Japanese maintained the pretence that the occupation was a temporary measure designed to cut off the Chinese Nationalist Army and hasten the end of the war in China. By 1949, with relations between Japan and the European Axis at a nadir, all French officials were expelled from Tonkin and an independent State of Viet Nam was established.