Tyva-Altay Arat Devleti/State of Tannu Tuva




Tuulu Altay

Head of State

Salchak Toka (1932-1973), Sherig-ool Oorzhak (from 1973)

Ruling Party

Concordia Association/Kyowakai

Head of Government

Khertek Anchimaa Toka


Tuva is regarded by Japan and the Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere, as the centre of the Turanic-Altaic world, uniting the Turks, Finns and Magyars in the West through to the Mongols, Manchus and Japanese of the East, and the fulcrum of all Asia.

The Soviet-era rulers of Tuva, belonging to the People's Party, were persuaded by the Japanese to declare their country’s full independence from the USSR and neutrality in the Soviet-Japanese conflict. The cadres of the People's Party have been retained to administer the country.

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