Slovensky Stat/Szlovak Allam/Slowakischer Staat/Slovak State



Head of State

Vodca Jozef Tiso (1939-1955), Vojtech Bela Tuka (1955-1961), Ferdinand Durcansky (1961-1969), Alexander Mach (1969-1983), Marian Andel (from 1983)

Ruling Party

Hlinkova Slovenska Ludova Strana – Strana Narodnej Jednoty/Hlinkist Slovak People's Party – Party of National Unity HSLS-SNJ (from 1939)

Head of Government

Vojtech Bela Tuka (1939-1944), Graf Janos Jan Esterhazy (1944-1969), Franz Karmazin (1969-1972)


Some Slovak factions favour the reunification of the country with Hungary and Croatia into a federative, Catholic kingdom, a resurrection of the Lands of the Holy Crown of Saint Istvan. The current kings of Croatia and Hungary both have connections to the Catholic and Italian House of Savoy, as well as to the Catholic and German House of Habsburg.

Ferdinand Durcansky, Janos Esterhazy and Jan Sevcik were considered the most pro-Hungarian figures in the Slovak State. Alexander Mach and the ethnic German leader Franz Karmazin are the leading pro-German figures, while Vojtech Bela Tuka occupied a middling position, vacillating between the two more powerful neighbours. Karol Sidor represented an extinct pro-Polish camp. The young Marian Andel, by virtue of his anti-Hungarian position, was de facto pro-German.