Dominion of Southern Rhodesia (1954-1963), Dominion of Central Africa (1963-1965), Dominion of Rhodesia (from 1965)





Head of State

His Imperial Majesty, the King-Emperor Edward VIII, of Great Britain and the Dominions beyond the Seas (from 1952)

Ruling Party

United Rhodesian Front

Head of Government

Ian Smith (from 1956)


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The Dominion of Rhodesia is a self-governing British colony in southern Africa.


Fully self-governing from 1953, within the Federation of British Central Africa having rejected membership of the Union of South Africa in the 1920s. Enlarged into the Dominion of Central Africa and subsequently renamed the Dominion of Rhodesia in 1965.

The Dominion of Rhodesia is still known to this day as British Central Africa by a large number of people. The dominion consists of North Rhodesia, South Rhodesia, Nyasaland and Bechuanaland. Shares borders with South Africa and Kenya (British East Africa)