Dominion du Quebec




Ville de Quebec

Head of State

His Imperial Majesty, King-Emperor Edward VIII (from 1952)

Ruling Party

Union Nationale (from 1944)

Head of Government

Maurice Duplessis (1944-1959), Paule Sauve (1959-1960), Antonio Barrette (1960-1965), Remi Paul (1965-1966), Adrien Arcand (1966-1967), Gilles Caouette (from 1967)


The decision of Newfoundland to become a separate Dominion, the arrival of the exiled former French general, Charles de Gaulle and the influx of a large number of Francophone refugees from German-dominated Europe have all been suggested as the primary cause for the Quebecois vote for Dominion status in 1956.

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