The Government of the Provisional Republic of Great Britain is one of many Governments-in-Exile based in the Western Hemisphere in the USA's sphere of influence.

The government was headed by Aneurin Bevan from 1945 until 1956, when he was replaced by Tom Driberg (to 1964), Ian Mikardo (to 1977) and Tony Benn (from 1977).

The Government of the Provisional Republic planned a re-organisation of Britain and Ireland into a Federal Republic, consisting of a Northern and Southern Ireland, federated but not reunified, Wales, Scotland and England, subdivided into eight regions (London, Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria, Yorkshire, Wessex, Cornwall and the Channel Isles). This position was challenged by the British Monarchist Government-in-Exile, organised around Queen Margaret after 1952.             

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