Republica del Peru





Head of State

Manuel Prado y Ugarteche (1939-1945), Jose Bustamante y Rivero (1945-1947), General Manuel Arturo Odria Amoretti (1947-1963), General Nicolas Lindley Lopez (1963-1968), General Juan Velasco Alvarado (1968-1975), General Francisco Morales Bermudez (from 1975)

Ruling Party

Frente Nacional (1945-1960), Union Nacional Odriista/Odriist National Union (1960-1963), Frente Nacional (from 1960)


War with Ecuador 1941-1945. Centrist coalition comes to power in 1945, drifts steadily to the right and becomes reliant on support of the military, led by General Manuel Odria. General Odria takes full power in 1947 and develops a highly personalised regime, somewhat on the model of Peru's neighbours to the South: General Gualberto Villarroel in Bolivia, Carlos Ibanez del Campo in Chile, and Juan Peron in Argentina.

Peru has ongoing border disputes with its neighbours to both the north and south, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile. Renewed war with Chile from 1969.