Born 1896, the scion of a wealthy, venerable Anglo-Irish family. He served in the Great War, taking up politics immediately after the war. He sat as a Conservative (1918-1922), breaking with his party over the issue of independence for Ireland. He sat briefly as an independent before joining the Labour Party (1924-1931), breaking with his party again this time over economic and Imperial policy. In 1931 he founded his own party, which became explicitly Fascist in 1932.

He was invited to join his old enemy Churchill's second cabinet in 1945, with responsibility for Imperial policy. In 1957, he broke with Churchill over the issue of Egypt, foreseeing disaster if British forces intervened in the country. After Churchill's fall, Mosley took over the Premiership of Great Britain and the British Empire

Mosley was in turn ousted in 1967 by a military junta led by Earl Mountbatten, who installed another old enemy, Enoch Powell, as Prime Minister. Mosley lived out the remainder of his life in Italy's Protectorate of Monaco, where his stepson, Desmond Guinness had married into the ruling family. Here he wrote his autobiography, offered advice to the government and agitated for closer European integration as a partnership between the great nations of the continent. He died in 1980.

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