Al-Mamlakah Mutawakkiliyah al-Yaman al-Kubra/Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Greater Yemen




Sa'adah, previously Sana'a

Head of State

Amir al-Mumenin al-Mutawakkil Imam Yahya Muhammad Hamidaddin (1904-1948), Ahmad bin Yahya Hamidaddin (1948-1962), Muhammad al-Badr (from 1962)

Head of Government

Prince Hassan (1958-1962), Prince Abdurrahman Bruce Alfonso Yorba Bourbon de Conde (from 1962)


The Italo-Yemeni Treaty of 1936 was activated in 1941, as Italian forces based in East Africa supported Yemeni incursions into British South Arabia. Yemeni expansionism culminated in the declaration of a Greater Yemen.

A series of attempted coups and counter-coups culminated in the declaration of a separate Yemeni Kingdom in the south of the country, centred on Mukalla. The young king Muhammad al-Badr and his prime minister Bruce Conde managed to rally the support of the Zaidi tribes of the northern highlands, as well as receiving arms from Iran.

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