Dominion Realm of New Zealand





Head of State

His Imperial Majesty, King-Emperor Edward VIII of Great Britain (from 1952)

Ruling Party

National Coalition Government (1943-1949), United National Party (1949-1954), NZNSP (from 1954)

Head of Government

Sidney Holland (1943-1946), Albert Davy (1946-1954), Alfred Matthes (1954-1972), Robert Muldoon (1972-1977), Colin King-Ansell (from 1977)


Emergency National Coalition Government, led by the United National Party, formed in response to the threat from Japan in 1943. The Coalition replaces the New Zealand Labour Party, which had ruled since 1935. The Coalition led was led by Sidney Holland from 1943 to 1946, when the premiership was handed to Albert Davy, who had returned to the National Party the previous year along with members of his breakaway People's and Cooperative Movement.

Davy and the Nationals governed alone from 1949 to 1954, when it was replaced by the previously insignificant New Zealand National Socialist Party. From 1951 the government faced what it called 'industrial anarchy' due to the strenght of organised labour in the country. The NZNSP presented itself as a law-and-order party, capable of curbing the power of labour and securing property rights. The NZNSP programme even secured the backing of Davy, who led a large faction of the Nationals into coaltion as the People's National Party.

The NZNSP was formed out of a number of tiny fascist movements of the region, including the West Samoan Nazi Party of Alfred Matthes. Matthes has done his best to promulgate a liberal interpretation of Nazi race doctrine, including Polynesians as part of the broad ‘Caucasian’ race. His protege and nominated successor, Roy Courlander, is a New Zealander similarly dubious ancestry, being an ethnic Lithuanian Balt.

In place of Courlander, the veteran conservative Robert Muldoon became Prime Minister, before being overthrown in a military coup in 1977 during further industrial unrest.

New Zealand administrates a number of previously European-controlled islands in the Pacific, mainly former colonies of Germany and Great Britain.