Haj Muhammad Effendi Amin al-Husayni


1898 (Jerusalem)


Circassian/Levantine Arabic


Cleric and politician


Hizb al-Arabi/Arab National Party (founder and leader, from 1935)


The scion of an influential Palestinian family, Amin al-Husayni actively oppossed the occupation of his country after World War I. From 1921 he held the title of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem under the British. Stripped of his position due to his nationalist activities in 1937, he fled abroad and began to court German and Italian support for an Arab nationalist revolt against Britain and France in the event of war between the revisionist and status quo blocs of Europe.

From 1940 Amin al-Husayni worked with the Axis powers to make the British position in thge Middle East untenable, vocally supporting anti-British regimes established in Baghdad and Cairo, as well as propagandising for a broader Islamic strugggle against the atheistic Soviet Union, especially amongst the Muslim minorities of the southern USSR.

After the war, Amin al-Husayni returned in triumph to Jerusalem as Grand Mufti, and one of the most influential politicians of the Arab world.