Estados Unidos Mexicanos/United Mexican States




Mexico D.F.

Head of State

Lazaro Cardenas del Rio (1934-1940), Manuel Avila Camacho (1940-1944), Lazaro Cardenas del Rio (1944-1952), Adolfo Lopez Mateos (1952-1964), Luis Echeverria Alvarez (1964-1976), Luis Gabriel Portillo Perez (1976-1982), Jose Lopez Portillo (from 1982)

Ruling Party

Partido de la Revolucion Mexicana (from 1928)


In close alliance with the United States of America from 1942, the two countries jointly sponsored the formation of the United States of Central America in the years 1944 to 1945.

The assassination attempt on President Manuel Avila Camacho in April 1944 forced him to leave office, returning General Cardenas to power. The attempt had more far-reaching effects on the relationship between Mexico, the USA and the Axis states.

Connections were made between the assassin, named de la Lama y Rosas and the Union Nacional Sinarquista to which he belonged, and far-right, pro-Axis members of the Catholic clergy in the USA. Both groups were then linked to Axis spy networks operating in both countries. This period represented the nadir of relations between the Old World Axis and the New World democracies. The USA continued to lobby France and Great Britain to renew their conflict with Germany, but with no success. When Great Britain joined the Axis invasion of the USSR in March 1945, the final connections between Europe and the democracies were severed.