Da Manzhou Diguo/Empire of Great Manchuria


45,000,000 (mixed Manchu, Han and Japanese population)



Head of State

Emperor Aisin-Gioro Puyi (1932-1948), Emperor Aisin-Gioro Pujie (from 1948)

Ruling Party

Concordia Association of Manchuria/Manchukuo Xiehehui/Manshu-koku Kyowakai (from 1931)

Head of Government

Zhang Jinghui (1935-1959), Ruan Zhenduo (1959-1970), Li Shaogeng (1970-1971), Aisin-Gioro Yuzhan (from 1971)


Established in 1932 as the Manchu State, independent of China and under the protection of Japan. Manchukuo becme the Manchu Empire in 1934 under the last Manchu Emperor of China Puyi, who abdicated in favour of his brother in 1948. The current Emperor’s wife, the Empress Hiro, is Japanese, a minor member of the Imperial House.