Kingdom of Great Korea/Daehan Samguk


30,000,000 (mainly Korean, some Japanese settlers)



Head of State

His Majesty, Yi Un, King Lee of Korea (1926-1970), His Majesty Yi Gu, King of Korea (from 1970)

Ruling Party

Taisei Yokusankai (the Japanese Imperial Rule Assistance Association)

Head of Government

Governor-General Nobuyuki Abe (1944-1953), Prime Minister Choe Nam-seon (1953-1957), Prime Minister Park Chung-hee (1957-1980), Prime Minister Mun Yong-meong (from 1980)


A protectorate of Japan from 1905, annexed in 1910, by the late 1950's, the relationship between Korea and the metropolis was beginning to change into something more like an unequal dual monarchy, along the lines of the defunct Austro-Hungarian Empire or Denmark-Norway. The position of Korean prime minister was resurrected in 1952 and effectively replaced the Japanese Governor-General as head of government the following year. In 1965 the Kingdom of Korea became a member of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.