Vozhd' Konstantin Vladimirovich Rodzaevsky


1907, August 11 (Amur Oblast, Siberia)


Great Russian


Lawyer, politician


Russian Fascist Party


Rodzaevsky, the child of a middle-class Siberian family, fled the USSR in 1925, aged 18. In 1931, aged just 24, he helped to found the Russian Fascist Party, inspired by Mussolini's Italian movement. Later he became more attracted to the German National Socialists, in particular their anti-Semitism.

Rodzaevsky's organisation took part in the Japanese invasion of the Soviet Union, establishing branches in 'liberated' territory. In 1946, after the use of German atomic weapons on cities in the unoccupied zone of the old USSR, the Russian Government of National Salvation formed by Lavrenti Beria in Omsk was forced to accept a new leadership of Germany's choosing. Rodzaevsky was brought in a sealed train from Manjuur in Mongolia to Omsk, but somehow contrived to arrive in the city on horseback. Rodzaevsky was proclaimed Vozhd' of the Russian People, an effectively meaningless title. According to the peace treaty with Germany, there would be no Russian army, no meaningful Russian state of any kind.

The remit of the Vozhd' only runs within the non-contiguous territories designated as the Homeland of the Great Russian People. This 'heimatstaat', and others like it for the other nationalities of the old USSR, control militias to deal with any remaining partisans and other anti-social elements, but little else. Militias are directly funded by the German occupiers as the heimatstaaten do not have tax raising powers. All other services are reliant on the charity of the Germans or local notables who receive German stipends, and on remittances from homeland residents working elsewhere in the Reich.