Born 1902 in Mecklenburg. An Alter Kamfer, and ally of Otto Ernst Remer, hero of the thwarting of the Himmler-Putsch.

A talented jurist and propagandist, von Leers was most influential in pushing for a race-free, realpolitik foreign policy, finding potential allies for Germany amongst the non-Aryan, or partially Aryan nations of the Middle East, North Africa and South America. He was influential in those areas of North Africa, the Levant and the Southern USSR, in mobilising popular opinion against France, Great Britain and Russia, especially in the integration of the newly acquired territories of the Caucasus and West Turkestan. After the war he particularly dedicated himself to securing the support of South American nations in the early 1950s, and Middle Eastern nations in the late 1950s. He died in 1966.

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