Konungsríkið Ísland/Kingdom of Iceland





Head of State

King Friðrik Kristján I, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe (from 1947)

Ruling Party

þjóðernissósíalíski Flokkur/National Socialist Party

Head of Government

Bjorn Sveinsson Bjornsson (from 1952)


Denmark's North Atlantic colonies of Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroes occupied by Great Britain after the occupation of Denmark by Germany. Under the protection of Great Britain the three colonies declared their separation from the Danish metropolis.

In 1943 Greenland was restored to Danish rule, with a recognition of Icelandic and Norwegian privileges. Iceland and the Faeroes retained their independence as a new United Kingdom under the German prince Friedrich Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe. Prince Friedrich Christian was the nominee of Germany, and more specifically Josef Goebbels. Friedrich Christian had served as Goebbels' adjutant from 1933 and was a close friend. His elder brother Wolrad of Schaumburg-Lippe was also a senior member of the NSDAP, though not as well connected as Friedrich Christian. The heir apparent is Prince Albrecht Wolfgang of Schaumburg-Lippe (born 1934).

Sveinn Bjornsson served as regent and then prime minister until his death in 1952. He was replaced as premier by his son, Bjorn Sveinsson Bjornsson, an SS veteran of the war with Russia.

Iceland rejoined Denmark, as well as Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany as a member state of the Greater Germanic Reich.