Ethnic Germans, culturally Francophone, claimants to the thrones of Lithuania and of Monaco-Nice. The Wurttemburgs are also related by marriage to the influential Moseley family of Great Britain.

Members of the House of WurttembergEdit

  • Prince Wilhelm, Count of Wurttemberg, Duke of Urach, King Mindaugas II of Lithuania: legitimate heir to the throne of Monaco, barred from becoming king by France. Wilhelm was handed the throne of Lithuania by Germany during the Great War, a position he held for less than a year. Died 1928
  • Prince Karl Gero, Count of Wurttemberg, Duke of Urach: eldest son of Prince Wilhelm and officer in the German army. Claims Lithuanian throne
  • Prince Albercht, Count of Wurttemberg, Duke of Urach, Prince Alberto II of Monaco, Count of Nice: younger son of Prince Wilhelm. Ruler of Monaco-Nice. As a diplomat, his mission to Japan in 1941 was crucial in convincing the Japanese to attack the USSR
  • Princess Henriette Marie Gabrielle of Monaco, Mariga, Countess of Nice: daughter of Prince Alberto II of Monaco-Nice, married Desmond Guinness, son of Diana Mitford and stepson of Sir Oswald Mosley, prime minister of Great Britain, in 1954