The Nguyen Dynasty, with the assistance of France, became rulers of all Indochina. The house is now divided between a pro-Japan monarchy in the north (Tonkin, known as the Empire of Viet Nam), and a pro-France monarchy in the south (Annam, known as the Empire of An Nam) of Indochina.

Members of the House of NguyenEdit

  • Emperor Bao Dai of Annam: Emperor of Annam under French tutelege as part of French Indochina since 1926
  • Prince Imperial Bao Vai: son of Bao Dai and his first wife, heir to the throne of Annam
  • Princess Imperial Phuong Mai: daughter of Bao Dai, married to Pietro Badoglio, Duke of Addis Abeba, Marquess of Sabotino
  • Princess Tran Le Xuan, Madame Nhu: a distant member of the royal family, married to Ngo Dinh Nhu, head of Annam's pro-French, Catholic Can Lao organisation and brother of the prime minister Ngo Dinh Diem
  • Emperor Duy Tan of Viet Nam: son of Emperor Thanh Thai, deposed by the French in 1907, Duy Tan was himself deposed by the French in 1916. Restored to throne of Viet Nam in the north by the Japanese in 1954
  • Prince Cuong De: an ally of the Japanese since 1905, helped to established the pro-Japanese Empire of Viet Nam