Ethnic Germans, current ruling house of the Kingdom of Iceland (including the Faeroes). The House of Lippe has produced some of the most enthusiastic royal members of the NSDAP.

List of Members of the House of LippeEdit

  • King Friðrik Kristján I of Iceland, Prince Friedrich Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe: early NSDAP member (from 1928), nominated by Josef Goebbels for the throne of the newly independent Kingdom of Iceland
  • Prince Stephan of Schaumburg-Lippe: brother of Friedrich Christain, early NSDAP member
  • Prince Ernst of Lippe: head of the House of Lippe, the first prince to join the NSDAP, in 1928
  • Prince Leopold Bernhard of Lippe: younger brother of Prince Ernst, early NSDAP member
  • Prince Chlodwig of Lippe: younger brother of Prince Ernst, early NSDAP member
  • Princess Marie Adelheid of Reuss zur Lippe-Biesterfeld: cousin of Prince Ernst, married to Hanno Konopath, a prominant NSDAP official within the Ministry of Agriculture.

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