The House of Karadordevic provided rulers of Serbia in the years 1842 to 1858, then again from 1903 to 1918. After this the Karadordevic Dynasty ruled Yugoslavia, from 1918 until the country was dissolved in 1941.

List of members of the House of KaradordevicEdit

  • King Aleksandar of Serbia: son of Prince Paul of Serbia and Princess Olga of the House of Glucksburg of Greece and Denmark, married to Princess Maria Pia of the House of Savoy of Italy in 1954. These factors won Aleksandar the support of Greece, Italy and some Chetnik monarchist factions in his claim to the Serbian throne.
  • Prince Paul of Serbia: grandson of the first Karadordevic ruler of Serbia, regent of Yugoslavia from 1934 until 1941. After a short exile, Prince Paul was made regent of Italy's client state of Serbia. His son, Aleksandar claimed the throne in 1955
  • Prince Andrei of Serbia: married to Princess Christina Margarethe of Hesse, Princess Kristina of Finland