Ethnic Germans, formerly the ruling dynasty of the Second German Reich. Hohenzollern is the current ruling dynasty of Romania since 1866, first as Princes (1866-1881), then Kings (1881-1965), then Emperors (from 1965). The House of Hohenzollern was formerly divided into Protestant and Catholic branches, and now includes Eastern Orthodox branches (especially in Greece and Romania).

List of Members of the House of Hohenzollern Edit

  • Emperor Mihai I of Romania (born 1921): King of the Romanians from 1927 to 1930, and again from 1953. Emperor of Romania from 1965.
  • Prince Carol Mircea Lambrino Hohzenzollern (born 1920): eldest son of King Carol II by his first wife. Italy has considered supporting his claim to the throne of Romania against that of his half-brother Mihai. Resident first in France, then Italy, Prince Carol took up a governmental position in Aromanian Macedonia in the late 1960s.
  • Queen Frederica of Greece (born 1917): granddaughter of the last German Emperor, wife of Pavlos I of Greece.
  • Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia (1887-1951): son of the last German Emperor, loyal NSDAP member from 1933. Hoped he or his son would be restored to the throne of Germany by the Nazis. Married into the House of Mecklenburg.
  • Prince Alexander Ferdinand of Prussia (born 1912): son of Prince August Wilhelm and grandson of the last German Emperor. Member of the SA and NSDAP in good standing, Alexander Ferdinand served as Chief of the OKW in the 1970s. Pretender to thrones of Germany and candidate to the throne of Neuchatel in Switzerland.
  • Prince Karl Franz of Prussia (1916-1975): grandson of the last German Emperor, son of Prince Joachim, candidate to the thrones of Ireland and Georgia. Reichresidentur and later Reichsprotektor of Georgia, between 1945 and 1975.
  • Prince Frederick of Prussia (born 1911): grandson of the last German Emperor, ruler of Valais in Switzerland by dynastic right and as Cantonal President.
  • Prince Wilhelm Victor of Prussia (born 1919): grandson of the last German Emperor, ruler of Neuchatel by dynastic right and as Cantonal President.
  • Prince Franz Joseph of Hohenzollern-Emden (1891-1964): a member of the Catholic branch of the Hohenzollern Dynasty, a member of the NSDAP from 1933.
  • Prince Karl Anton of Hohenzollern-Emden (born 1922): son and heir of Prince Franz Joseph, married Alexandra, a relative of the House of Saxe-Gessaphe, of German (Roman Catholic) and Lebanese (Maronite Catholic) origin. Prince Karl Anton is a candidate to the throne of Ireland.
  • Prince Frederick of Hohenzollern-Emden (1891-1965): twin brother of Prince Franz Joseph.