The princes of Hesse are loyal members of the NSDAP, and have been rewarded with a number of crowns. Prince Christoph of Hesse inherited his grandfather's claim to the throne of Finland, while another, Philip of Hesse, had his son placed on the throne of Montenegro by the Italians.

Members of the House of HesseEdit

  • Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse, King of Finland: briefly installed as monarch of Finland by German forces 1918. Father of six sons: Friedrich (1893-1916), Maximilian (1894-1914), Philip (born 1896), Wolfgang (born 1896), Christoph (born 1901) and Richard (born 1901).
  • Prince Philip of Hesse: Born 1896. NSDAP member since 1930, governor of Hesse-Nassau from 1933. Married Princess Mafalda of the House of Savoy of Italy. Their son, Moritz, became King of Montenegro in 1948
  • Prince Christoph of Hesse, King of Finland: Born 1901. An officer in the German air force, of the SS and of Hermann Goering's intelligence service, inherited the vacant throne of Finland from his father Prince Friedrich Karl. Married to Princess Sophie of the House of Glucksburg of Greece and Denmark.
  • Prince Moritz of Hesse, King of Montenegro: Born 1926, son of Prince Philip of Hesse. Installed as king of Montenegro by Italy, after Prince Michael of Montenegro refused to rule an Italian puppet state. Prince Moritz is the great-grandson of Nikola Petrovic-Njegos, the only King of Montenegro (1910 to 1918)
  • Prince Heinrich of Hesse: Born 1927, son of Prince Philip of Hesse. Reichsresidentur of the Homeland of Armenia in the German Caucasus.
  • Prince Karl Adolf of Hesse, Prince of Finland: Born 1937, son of Christoph of Hesse, heir to the throne of Finland. Descendant of both the Kings of Finland and of King Christian IX of Denmark. Married in 1966 to Countess Yvonne Szapary von Muraszombath, Szechysziget und Szapar, a Hungarian noblewoman
  • Princess Christina Margarethe of Hesse, Princess Kristina of Finland: Born 1933, daughter of Christoph of Hesse, married to Prince Andrei of the House of Karadordevic of Serbia
  • Admiral Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Burma: Born 1900. A relative of the House of Saxe-Coburg of Great Britain, he has acted as a king-maker in that country.