Ethnic German rulers of Denmark and Greece. Closely tied to the monarchies of Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and Croatia.

List of Members of the House of GlucksburgEdit

  • King Pavlos I, Vasilefs ton Ellinon: son of Konstantinos I of Greece. King of Greece, from 1947
  • King Christian X of Denmark: king of Denmark from 1912 to 1947, under a virtual Regency led by his son, Prince Frederick from 1942. Married into the House of Mecklenburg.
  • King Frederick IX of Denmark: king of Denmark from 1947. Marred Princess Ingrid of the House of Bernadotte of Sweden
  • King Haakon VII of Norway: former king of Norway, abdicated in favour of his son, Olav V
  • King Olav V of Norway: briefly king of Norway, abdicated. Married to Princess Martha of the House of Bernadotte of Sweden
  • Princess Irene of Denmark and Greece, Queen Mother of Croatia: daughter of Konstantinos I of Greece. Married to Prince Aimone of the House of Savoy of Italy, King Tomislav II of Croatia, and mother of King Zvonimir II of Croatia
  • Princess Sofia of Denmark and Greece: daughter of Pavlos I, married to Don Juan Carlos of the House of Bourbon, Alfonsine claimant to the Spanish throne
  • Prince Andrew of Denmark and Greece: son of King Georgios, the first king of the modern Kingdom of Greece. Father of five children: a son married to the heir to the British throne and four daughters married to German princes, three of whom have strong NSDAP connections
  • Prince Philip of Denmark and Greece: married to Princess Elizabeth, of the House of Saxe-Coburg, heir to the throne of Great Britain
  • Princess Helena Adelheid of Denmark: a member of the House of Glucksburg by birth and marriage. The sister-in-law of King Christian X, considered the most pro-German Danish royal, extremely influential during the German occupation and Regency through her influence over her husband Prince Harald, the king's brother, and Prince Knud, the king's son and her son-in-law