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Exploring the hardiest perennial of alternate history: Axis victory in World War II.

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This wikia attempts to set out a framework of an alternate history in which the Axis Powers emerged victorious in World War II. The project starts with the various fictional accounts of this alternate history (The Man in the High Castle, Fatherland, It Happened Here, et al), but attempts to outline a more realistic version of history, drawing especially on the real world development of the fascist regimes which survived intact beyond 1945 (Franco's Spain, Salazar's Portugal) and those regimes which substantially resembled the fascist and racist regimes of the Axis (apartheid South Africa, the military juntas of Greece and the Southern Cone of Latin America).

Special attention is paid to the post-war development of individuals, movements and regimes with ties to the Axis: individuals who escaped via 'Ratlines' to safety in Spain or Latin America, movements which continued their crusade against Bolshevism as part of the Cold War, regimes which emulated the ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism of Nazi Germany.

Though a creative endevour, it will be treated with a degree of intellectual seriousness: it should be viewed as both an imaginative exercise and an attempt to understand the specific nature of the Axis regimes, and the nature of racism, imperialism and political coercion more generally.

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