Inaugerated June 1940, as an independent bloc of Asiatic nations freed from European and American influence and led by Japan.

List of Members of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity SphereEdit

  • Empire of Japan: lead by the Emperor and his prime ministers. Founder member and leader of the Sphere
  • Empire of Thailand: led by the Emperor Rama VIII and Field Marshall Phibun. Joined 1941, after annexing parts of French Indochina and British Burma and Malaya with Japanese support. Thailand was the only other state apart from Japan to be free of European colonisation
  • Empire of China: founder member under the pro-Japanese Wang Jingwei government
  • Empire of Manchuria: founder member under Emperor Puyi, later Emperor of China
  • Empire of Mongolia: founder member under Prince De, later the Great Khan
  • Empire of Viet Nam: full member from 1949, under a Japanese protectorate since 1940
  • East Turkistan State: member from 1944 under Elihan Tore
  • Ningxia Hui State: member from 1945 under Ma Hongbin
  • Tuva State: member from 1945
  • All Russia State: full member from 1949
  • Tibet State: full member from 1951
  • Korea: full member from 1965, Korea remains part of the Empire of Japan