Genrikh Samoilovich Lyushkov


1900 (Odessa)


Ukrainian, of Russian and Jewish extraction


Police officer and politician: Head of State of the Autonomous Government of Great Russia, from 1949


Bolshevik Party (1915-1938), Russian National Revolutionary Party (from 1949)



A member of the Bolshevik Party since before the Russian Revolution, Lyushkov defected from the USSR to Japan in 1938. He took with him a number of military and state secrets he had access to as a senior member of the NKVD secret police. His elevation to the position at the head of Japan's puppet Provisional Government of Great Russia was a surprise, due to the sudden deterioration in Japanese-German relations at the close of World War II. Japan's original plan had been for a united, neutral Russia under their nominee, Konstantin Rodzaevsky, acting as a buffer between Japanese and German spheres. However in 1946 Rodzaevsky had accepted Germany's offer to establish a seperate Russian government, under Germany's exclusive protection. Genrikh was then installed as leader of the sparsely population former Soviet territories in eastern Siberia between Rozaevsky's protectorate and the Russian seaboard annexed by Japan.