Born 1888 in Berlin, Germany. By 1944, Fromm was Chief of the Reserve Army, and as such, was directly responsible for putting down the coup attempt by radicals within the SS in July that year. He first moved quickly to take control of Berlin, ensuring that the government remained in control during the panic and uncertainty following the assassination attempt on the Fuehrer. He then began the investigation into the extent of the conspiracy within the upper ranks of the SS, army and government.

Cooperating with Arthur Nebe, leader of the Criminal Police division of the SS that remained loyal, he quickly and methodically made sure that all the conspirators were arrested, even his own subordinates such as General Friedrich Olbricht and Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and as well as moving senior loyalists to positions of safety, notably evacuating many of the state-party leadership to northern Italy (specifically the Gran Sasso region).

With both Hitler and Wilhelm Keitel, the Chief of the OKH, incapacitated and Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuehrer of the SS, implicated in the coup, Fromm assumed supreme command of the armed forces, becoming in effect de facto Fuehrer as well as War Minister. Responsibility for the overall prosecution of the war was handed to Erwin Rommel, the hero of the North African, Levantine and Caucasian Campaigns, who Fromm subsequently made Chief of the OKH. Fromm was officially installed as President after the brief interregnum of Hermann Goering as de jure Fuehrer.

Fromm's Presidency saw the resurrection of the Government of National Concentration, incorporating non-NSDAP figures. He also oversaw the end of the war with Soviet Russia in 1947 after the dropping of 'Atomic' weapons on major Soviet cities in Central Asia. He held the Presidency until 1962, at which time he surrendered the position to Rommel.

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