Nobile Francesco Giunta


1887 March 21




Politician: positions include Ras of Trieste, National Secretary of the National Fascist Party, and Governor of Corsica


Partito Nazionale Fascista


An early Mussolini supporter, Giunta was responsible for the Italianisation campaigns against the Slav population of Italy from the 1920's to the 1940's. When Italy regained Corsica from France, Giunta was made the first Italian Governor of the Island. This was due to a combination of professional and personal factors. His background in Italianisation was thought to be useful in integrating Corsica into Italy. Personally, his family ties both to Corsica (his wife was a descendant of Nobile Carlo Buonaparte, father of the Emperor Napoleon) and to Mussolini (his son had married Mussolini's granddaughter) were a great advantage.

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