Born 1891 in Wurttemberg, Southern Germany. His command of Axis forces in the Mediterranean theatre was held to have caused the withdrawal of Great Britain from the conflict in 1941. His attack on the 'soft underbelly' of the southern Soviet Republics of Russia was also seen as decisive. In 1944 he was given overall command of the war against Russia by Friedrich Fromm, who was acting as de facto Fuehrer and Chief of the OKH during the aftermath of the Himmler-Putsch.

Rommel desired a rapid end to the war with Russia, which he believed had already claimed too many German lives. He was therefore seen as the main military sponsor of the Uranprojekt, which created the 'Atomic' weapons which finally brought about the surrender of Russia in 1947.

Rommel took over the Presidency from Friedrich Fromm in 1960, heading the Government of National Concentration until 1982.

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