Nevavisna Kraljevina Bijela Hrvatska/Independent Kingdom of White Croatia





Head of State

Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Aosta, King Tomislav II of Croatia (1941-1953), Prince Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of Aosta, King Zvonimir II of Croatia (from 1953)

Ruling Party

Ustasa - Hrvatski Revolucionarni Pokret (from 1941)

Head of Government

Poglavnik Ante Pavelic (1941-1969), Andrija Artukovic (1969-)


The young king Zvonimir II (born Amedeo Umberto di Savoy) divides his time between Italy and Croatia. During Zvonimir's minority Ante Pavelic, the Poglavnik (Fuehrer) effectively ruled Croatia as Prime Minister with Baron Julius Cseszneky as regent.

The power of the Ustasa has been curtailed in recent years, especially after the purging of Kvaternik Faction (based around Slavko and Dido Kvaternik) in 1943. In the purge many formerly leading figures of the Ustasa were executed, including Ante Vokic, Mladen Lorkovic and Dido Kvaternik, a pre-emptive strike against a coup plot designed to hand power to the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS). The leadership of the HSS was also decimated, with Vladko Macek, August Kosutic and Ljudavit Tomasic all executed.

Pavelic's successor as Poglavnik, Andrija Artukovic, is a close friend and collaborator of Savik Markovic Stedimlija, the Montenegrin exponent of the unification of Montenegro and Croatia. His most trusted deputy is Milivoj Asner, the Police Chief who oversaw the purging of the Kvaternik Faction.

Principality of Herceg-BosnaEdit

The Principality of Herceg-Bosna is a non-autonomous subdivision of the Kingdom of Croatia, including all of Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Sanjak of Novi Pazar (the annexation of which isolated Montenegro from Serbia).

The heir to the Croatian throne (currently Prince Aimone, Duke of Apulia, also known as Prince Tomislav) is designated the Prince of Herceg-Bosna, while effective power in the region has been delegated to the Ustasa-supporting Kulenovic family. The first Governor of Herceg-Bosna was Dzafer beg Kulenovic, who also served as Vice-Premier to Ante Pavelic. This position has passed to his son, Nahid beg Kulenovic.

Croats of Muslim religion in Herceg-Bosna can join the Ustasa - Mladi Muslimani youth organisation, before being integrated into the Ustasa proper. This organisation is led by Alija Izetbegovic.