The British Imperial Federation and Dominions of the Commonwealth





Head of State

His Imperial Majesty, the King-Emperor Edward VIII, of Great Britain and the Dominions beyond the Seas (1952-1972), Her Imperial Majesty, the Queen-Empress Elizabeth II, of Great Britain and the Dominions beyond the Seas (from 1972)

Head of Government

Sir Enoch Powell (from 1968)

Ruling Party

League of Empire Loyalists (pan-Imperial non party body, established 1954)

System of Government

Confederal union of the motherland plus White settler colonies, with protected and colonised zones


Attempt to reformulate the unwieldy Empire and Commonwealth into a more unified and streamlined polity, the Imperial Federation, during the period immediately after Great Britain's withdrawal from the conflict with Germany. The modernisation effort was led by Sir Oswald Mosley, and was focused on his 'Eurafrika' concept, with the maintenance and extension of British Imperial rule where possible, and with support for Great Britain's main European allies, Italy and Germany.

Territories of the British Imperial FederationEdit

  1. United Kingdom of Great Britain (formerly United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)
  2. Dominon of Canada (Dominion status 1867)
  3. Dominion of Australia (Dominion status 1901)
  4. Dominion of New Zealand (Dominion status 1907)
  5. Dominion of Newfoundland (Dominion status 1907)
  6. Dominon of South Africa (Dominion status 1910)
  7. Dominion of Ireland (Dominion status 1922, formerly part of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)
  8. Dominion of Sarawak (Dominion status 1947, formerly part of British Borneo)
  9. Dominion of Rhodesia (Dominion status 1953 as Southern Rhodesia within Federation of British Central Africa 1953-1965)
  10. Dominion of Pakistan (Dominion status 1957, formerly part of the British Raj)
  11. Dominion of India (Dominion status 1957, formerly part of the British Raj)
  12. Dominion of Quebec (Dominion status 1957, formerly part of Canada)
  13. Dominion of Sri Lanka (Dominion status 1958, formerly part of the British Raj)
  14. Dominion of Kenya (Dominion status 1978, formerly Federation of British East Africa 1952-1978)
  15. Federation of the Islamic Trucial States (federated 1958, formerly part of Trucial Oman and Malay States)
  16. Federation of the Canadian and British West Indies (federated 1958, to Canada 1980)
  17. Federation of British West Africa (federated 1960, including most of the former Republic of Liberia)

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