Dominion Commonwealth of Australia





Head of State

His Imperial Majesty, King-Emperor Edward VIII of Great Britain (from 1952)

Ruling Party

National Coalition Government (1943-1955), Australia League of Rights (from 1955)

Head of Government

Robert Menzies (1940-1945), Stanley Bruce (1945-1954), Eric Butler (from 1954)


Government of National Unity from 1943 in response to the threat from Japan, headed from 1945 by Viscount Stanley Bruce of Melbourne, who returned from his posting as Australian High Commissioner in London to take up the premiership. The Prime Minister from 1954 Eric Butler was the founder of the Australian League of Rights in the 1940s. Along with the League of Empire Loyalists, the League of Rights, was one of the few organisations with a Commonwealth-wide presence.

Butler, along with DF Malan of South Africa and Oswald Mosley of Great Britain were perhaps the three most important figures in the reorganisation of the British Empire into the Imperial Federation, with Butler effectively arguing for the extension of the policies pioneered in South Africa across the British Empire.

Butler has also agitated for the annexation of New Zealand to Australia and for closer ties between the British mother-country and her overseas possessions. His cabinet represents a diversity of views on the issue of Australia's place within the Empire. Some, like, Alexander Rud Mills and the Beckers, father and son Johannes and Heinrich, favour a closer relationship with Germany, while figures like James Killen and Arthur Chresby follow Butler's line.

The period immediately after the war saw an intensification of the 'White Australia' policy. Australia eagerly accepted refugees from the European conflict and redrawn borders which followed it, in order to populate the country with White Europeans. This was especially important for Slavs living under German rule: in Europe they were members of a lower race, subject to the 'Negerstandpunkt' ('Nigger-attitude') of their German rulers. In Australia, they were treated as full members of the White race.