De Quoc An Nam/Empire of Annam





Head of State

Emperor Bao Dai (1926-1975), Emperor Duy Tan (1975-1981), Emperor Bao Vang (from 1981)

Head of Government

Jean Baptiste Ngo Dinh Diem (1944-1975), Son Ngoc Thanh (from 1975)


Part of the territory of France known as the Indochinese Union or French Indochina, Annam was nominally ruled by the Emperor Bao Dai in Hue. However real power in the Protectorate was more dispersed. The Emperor owed to position to his French sponsors. His prime minister, Ngo Dien Diem also exercised substantial influence.

By 1975 Germany had abandoned the conflict, leaving France to fight on alone against Viet Nam, aided by Japan. Annam fell in 1975.

Annam was bordered to the north by the Japanese-backed Empire of Viet Nam, and to the north by the French Protected Kingdom of Cambodia and the French Colony of Cochinchina.