Principado de Andorra y Condado de Rosellon/Principat d'Andorra i Comtat del Rossello/Principality of Andorra and County of Roussillon




Andorra La Vieja

Head of State

Boris I Skosirev, Princep d'Andorra i Comte de Rossello (1934 and from 1944)

Ruling Party

Falange Nacional

Head of Government

Carlos Trias Betran (1947-1962), Antonio Barroso y Sanchez-Guerra (1962-1977), Josep Maria Fontana i Tarrats (from 1977)


Andorra completely occupied by Spain in May 1941. Parts of territory formerly belonging to France added to the zone of Spanish occupation progressively. In 1946, Spain decided to support the claim to the throne of Boris Skosirev, a minor aristocrat and adventurer.

Skosirev was born in the Russian Empire of mixed Lithuanian, Russian and Polish ethnicity. A first attempt to seize the throne of Andorra in 1934 had failed, and Skosirev subsequently found himself imprisoned. He later won the favour of Germany by volunteering to participate in the invasion of Russia as civilian adviser with the rank of Sonderfuehrer. Upon returning to France he made his way to the Spanish-occupied zone and again claimed the throne of Andorra, as well as the rights to the County of Roussillon. His claim was recognised by Spain, and the whole region was placed under Spanish protection, with a Spanish Governor-General ruling alongside Boris I.

The position of Governor-General was held by Carlos Trias, later Commissar-General of Madrid, General Antonio Barroso and finally by Josep Maria Fontana.

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