Nobile Alexandre Albert 'Alberto' Preziosi


1915, July 25 (Vezzani)


Italian (specifically Corsican)


Pilot, administrator




A pilot with the French and then the Free French airforce, Preziosi spent much of the war as a POW in Italian North Africa. After the war he settled in the colony, entering the colonial administration and eventually becoming Resident-General for Tunisia. He was popular with the native elite, especially the Bey Muhammad VIII ar-Rauf, and generally well-liked by the broader native population, due in no small part to his marriage to a local Arab woman from Tripolitania.

Resident-General from 1955, Preziosi oversaw the expansion of Tunsian territory to include a small part of Tripolitania and the bulk of Fezzan in 1956. His son, Jamil Preziosi, left Italian North Africa for military training on the Italian mainland in 1961. The younger Preziosi led the military rebellion in Italian North Africa in support of the deposed Emperor Umberto II in 1969.

The Italian racial theorist Giovanni Preziosi is also a distant relative.